I spent the past weekend catching up with my best friends from uni and whenever we all get together, which actually, is more difficult than it would seem these days, we do not shut up. It surprises me that after 3 years living in the same house, we still find things to talk about, but as we finished up in Covent Garden after eating our body weight in Japanese food and catching each other up on the past few months, something funny happened – we couldn’t function and spent the next 20 minutes hunting for coffee.

I think we might finally be adults.

It occurred to me as we all found solace in a packed out Costa in Leicester Square that we’re actually getting old.  Gone are the days we chat about what boys we fancy or who fell over in the street last weekend after throwing a McDonalds at a random stranger?!

Behold; the things we talk about now that we’re all reaching our mid-twenties.

Poo – Because living together for 3 years means poo talk is real talk and can last an entire coffee shop trip. Of course, we HAVE to compare how often we all poo just to make sure we’re all functioning normal adults… duh.

Marriage – Because lol,  it could happen to at least one of us in the next five years and if I need to start planning for a beach wedding, then I need to do so now.

Discussing what everyone and their dogs is up to now that we have all graduated. The whats-app group has never before been filled with so many Insta’ screenshots of “Omg look who he is with now”

Boyfriend habits – Because they have a lot.

How work is going – Yawn.

The panic that we won’t all retire rich and on a beach. You pay HOW MUCH into your pension?!

Having babies and not having them – reassuring ourselves that we don’t need to be popping out babies in the next year.

When are we next eating? – Because now I’m old I need to have something to constantly look forward to.

Working out which alcoholic drink is healthiest for us now that we are fully weaned off Lambrini and cheap vodka.

Bringing up the fact that we’re all 30 in 5  years probably about 230598 a day.

Why contraception is a pain in the arse – except for mine because I’m fab, hallelujah for the injection.

Praying that we never have to go on Tinder or another date again – God help us all.

Discussing the cure for under eye dark circles because they are the devil.

Comparing our water intake like it’s a game of Top Trumps. 

Comparing our exercise regime like it’s a game of Top Trumps. (Hint: I lose)

Discussing our favourite’s on ‘The Chase’ without shame.


I hope the above is normal and we’re not raving lunatics, although, as far as girl chats go, this is basically the jist of it at 24. What are we likeeee.



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